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You deserve to have a clean home, and you deserve to have a company that can make it happen. That’s why at Whitehall we’ve established ourselves as the most reliable carpet and floor cleaners in South Carolina. 

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Experienced Floor Cleaners

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Whitehall Carpet Cleaners has been the experts in fabric cleaning, floor cleaning, and disaster restoration services for over 30 years. Doesn’t matter if you have pet mess, annual maintenance needs, or emergency disaster cleanup, our experts are ready to make your life that much more easier.  

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Whitehall’s primary offering is our residential carpet cleaning services. We’ve been doing this for years. We are not only experts in carpet cleaning in almost any context, but we are also familiar with the needs of local Midlands homeowners.

Carpets collect dirt and dust. This is a fact. But more importantly, they collect organic materials like mold, bacteria, and mites. So, carpet cleaning isn’t just about a beautiful home (although it is a big part of it). It is also about maintaining a healthy environment for your family, friends, and customers.

We recommend a twice-yearly cleaning maintenance schedule in the best of times, just to keep everything in tip-top shape. But we are also ready and available for any emergency mess, including a food mess or a pet mess.

Disaster Restoration

Disasters can hit hard, and they can hit fast. And when water damage enters your home, it can ruin whatever it touches. That’s because water isn’t just water… when water damage settles in, you end up with MildewMold and Bacteria among other organic materials. These can impact your health, if not make a home unlivable.  

Whitehall Carpet Cleaning does more than cleaning carpets… we are damage restoration experts. This includes professional cleaning and mold remediation. Most importantly, we are on call for 24/7 disaster services. When you call us, you don’t have to wait after disaster strikes. 


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We don’t just work with homeowners, either. Businesses in South Carolina and Lexington that have carpet need to have an expert cleaner on hand even more than our residential customers.

Think about how many people walk across the carpets in your office building each day. What about a storefront? If you’re using carpet, then all that foot traffic is leaving dirt, dust, and allergens in your store.

Commercial carpet cleaning requires a different approach than residential cleaning. It also needs a cleaning outfit that knows how to do thorough cleaning over specialty carpets in a large building. We at Whitehall have extensive experience cleaning carpets in business, no matter how big or small. We have the equipment to clean common carpet types in commercial settings, and we can work in a way that minimizes interference with your business operation.

24 hour emergency water damage services
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Doesn’t matter if it is carpet cleaning, hardwood floors, or tile. Doesn’t matter if you just need regular maintenance or emergency disaster relief in the middle of the night. We have you covered.  

We didn’t end up being the top cleaner in the Midlands… we worked hard, we gained the knowledge, and we support our customers with excellent service from start to finish. 

No matter what your fabric, flooring, or disaster cleanup needs are, we can help. Call us now at 803-732-3200 to find out how.