Commercial Cleaning Services

Don’t let a dirty floor or moldy walkways be the first thing your customers see. Use Whitehall's Commercial Carpet Cleaning services to get professional cleaning that inspires comfort and confidence. Whitehall Carpet Cleaners and Restoration specializes in commercial cleaning services that include carpet cleaning, vinyl floor cleaning, and pressure washing. We offer after hour appointments so we’ll have your office floors clean and odor free, with little to no impact on your operating hours.

Industries Served

We work with any business between Columbia and Lexington South Carolina  that needs our specialty cleaning services. For over 30 years we have been working with local companies in industries like

● Healthcare, including hospitals, private practices, and pharmacies,
● Hospitality, supplementing existing cleaning staff with specialized cleaning services,
● Retail, including malls, big-box stores, and small businesses, and
● Banks and credit unions.

If your business has extensive carpeting or other flooring that hosts high-volume of foot traffic, then call us to find out about our current specials or expert carpet cleaning packages.

Carpets can hide dirt and particles, even if they don’t appear dirty at first glance. That’s why it is important to make sure that you maintain a regular carpet cleaning schedule for any carpet located in your place of business. Dirty floors can contribute to unpleasant odors and visible dirt, which turns customers off. That’s not to mention how carpets can contribute to continuing air contamination.

The Whitehall cleaning experts will remove deep-penetrating soil, spot-clean persistent stains, and provide consultation for preventative measures to maintain the cleanliness and longevity of your carpeted floors. Call us for a consultation and to discuss a custom commercial carpet cleaning schedule to make sure your business always looks and smells it's best.

Perhaps more challenging than cleaning carpeting is managing buildings with multiple surface types. When your flooring has multiple types of covering, or transitions between carpet and tile floor, Whitehall’s cleaning experts can manage their cleaning so that each floor gets what it needs. More importantly, we can manage those difficult places to clean-namely, where different floor types meet.

If your business has hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floors alongside carpet, Whitehall Cleaning and Restoration can take care of the cleaning and maintenance without damaging either any surface.

Commercial Pressure Washing

South Carolina businesses know how fast mildew and mold can grow on external surfaces, giving their buildings an old, dirty, unattractive look. But did you know  that this is a common symptom of operating in wet and humid climates. That’s why cleaning and pressure washing are so important.

Whitehall offers packages for pressure washing outside surfaces like sidewalks, garbage cans, and concrete walls. Anywhere you have concrete or brick could use a solid pressure washing, and Whitehall professionals can do it promptly, with no impact on your business and customers.


It used to be the case that a thorough commercial carpet cleaning would take hours, potentially disrupting days of potential, productive business. Whitehall Carpet Cleaning avoids all of this by using a new dry vacuum cleaning  process called “encapsulation”. This process uses less water than traditional carpet cleaning, which means less time spent cleaning and less time spent waiting for carpets to dry out. Have a clean odor free office within hours not days. No large crews or drying, wet carpets around to bother your employees or keep customers out.