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Sewage damage is often the worst kind of damage—not only is it water damage, but sewer water also contains toxic organic material and bacteria. Once sewer water gets into your home, it is imperative that you clean it up immediately. When you have a sewer backup, don’t wait to see “what the damage is”. Call Whitehall for quick sewage damage remediation.

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Sewage Damage Restoration Services in Columbia, SC

There are a few reasons that sewer water can backup into your home. Maybe your sewer line is old and clogged, and your fixtures start to backup. Maybe there’s an issue with storm water getting into the main municipal drains. Or maybe you just have a bad clog and your have a spill-over in your carpeted bathroom.

In any of these cases, any area affected will need immediate attention. After your sewer backup occurs, you should call Whitehall for any sewer and water cleanup. This can lessen or completely remove the risk of mold growth, mildew, or other toxic organisms from setting up shop in your home.

Emergency Cleanup, 24/7, for Sewage Damage

Luckily, you don’t have to wait. When your sewer backs up, you need to get that mess taken care of immediately. Whitehall offers emergency cleanup services, on call 24/7. Even if your sewer backup happens in the middle of the night, you can call a Whitehall expert to your home to get cleanup underway as soon as possible.

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We are Columbia, SC’s trusted disaster cleaning service, and we also serve the surrounding Midlands. Call us now to help you solve your emergency sewer situation.

No matter what your fabric, flooring, or disaster cleanup needs are, we can help. Call us now to find out how.