Residential Cleaning Services

Whitehall's Carpet Cleaning brings together advanced cleaning technology, highly trained professionals, and an appreciation for the South Carolina life to ensure that its customers get great service from start to finish.

Allow us to be your professional floor cleaner. Our services range from carpet to tile, from hardwood to vinyl and include maintenance, repair, restoration and stretching. We also do upholstery cleaning services on furniture, vehicles mattresses and more! If you need it cleaned, chances are we can clean it. We show up on time, and we consult with you from start to finish to make sure that you get exactly what your home wants and needs.

Whitehall Carpet Cleaning specializes in cleaning and restoring your home’s flooring with the latest technology and cleaning methods. We don’t just walk in and clean your carpet: we work with you to identify what you need to make your home clean and comfortable.

All our carpet cleaning process includes:

  1. A consultation regarding your carpeting and cleaning needs. This will help identify and problem spots, or areas where pre-spotting would be beneficial.
  2. Spot cleaning for persistent stains. We’ll try to remove any difficult and visible spots from your carpet with special spot-cleaning agents.
  3. Final finishing you will feel with your toes. We'll carefully groom your carpet's pile, resulting in uniform drying and a soft finish.

Here at Whitehall we will clean your carpets based on your specific needs including allergies and pet odors. See our carpet cleaning page to learn about our different services and how they can benefit you.

Along with carpeting, upholstered furniture can catch significant dirt and odor through years of use. Whether you want to protect that new sofa or restore the loveseat that’s been in the family for decades, you need an upholstery cleaning and restoration service that removes deep-down dirt and discoloration.

Whitehall Carpet Cleaning specializes in removing stains in your upholstery, brightening fabric colors, and removing any persistent odors due to mildew or dirt. Our technicians are trained to treat nearly any fabric in your home, so that your furniture stays clean and odor-free. Even better, our experience in upholstery cleaning extends to cars, boats, and RVs means that we clean traditional or leather upholstery in any of the above vehicles with the same care as your home furniture.

Rug cleaning and maintenance varies rug to rug based on the material it was made with and the use of the rug.   That’s why Whitehall Carpet Cleaning uses a special cleaning process, over 30 years in the making designed to protect, clean, and preserve the fabric to make sure that your rug gets the cleaning it needs. Whether you have area rugs, oriential or bathroom shags, we can clean them all.

Don’t think for a second that we only work on fabric and carpet. Whitehall Cleaning and Restoration also provides top-tier cleaning and finishing for hardwood floors as well.

We know that hardwood floors are an investment, one that should last for years. That’s why we do cleaning on high-traffic hardwood floors, as well as performing regular restoration and maintenance on existing hardwood that might not be in bad shape but needs the preservation.


Every homeowner knows that you can’t just mop a vinyl or laminate floor and get it really clean. It needs an in-depth cleaning to make sure that the grime and mildew buildup doesn’t get a foothold.

Whitehall Cleaning and Restoration will perform the deep-down cleaning, getting into grout lines and other nooks and crannies, to bring the shine back to your kitchen floor.