How Do I keep my carpet looking new?

​As a locally owned and operated carpet cleaning company, our primary concern is making sure that your carpets remain in the best condition possible. That doesn’t just mean cleaning the carpet on occasion. Our professionals want to help you make your carpets last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Whether you have kids, pets, both, or a messy partner, it can be hard to keep up with regular maintenance between professional cleanings. To help you spend less on cleaning and carpet replacement, we’re offering this expert guide full of tips, tricks, and preventative measures that can keep your carpet cleaner, longer.

Vacuuming Do’s and Don’ts

Of course, the first thing that you think of when cleaning your carpets is vacuuming. But how effectively are you cleaning your carpet when you vacuum? Most people know that they should vacuum on a regular basis, and some have been shown the proper way to vacuum. But are you sure you’re doing it right?

While vacuuming isn’t rocket science, there are a few things that you should know to help you make vacuuming more effective. Following these tips will help you make both your carpets and your vacuum last longer.

At Whitehall Carpet Cleaners, we have the expertise and experience to get your large area rug looking like new right away.

How often should you vacuum your carpets?

When you have children and pets, you really need to vacuum daily. Carpets can trap pet dander, which is the source of most pet allergies. If you have normal wear and traffic on your carpets, without much mess, you should still vacuum your carpets at least twice per week.

When in doubt, vacuum. You’re not going to hurt your carpet by over-vacuuming. You will, however, allow the rapid breakdown of the carpet fibers by leaving dirt in your carpets for too long. If you have high traffic areas, you might need to vacuum those on a different schedule than your other rooms.

Choosing the right vacuum

Just like any other task, it is important to have the right equipment for the job. Not all vacuums are created equally. Some have bags, some have canisters, some have HEPA filters, some are designed for vacuuming larger particles, and some are designed for very light use.

You may need to have more than one vacuum for the carpets in your home. If you have carpeted stairs, for example, you’re not going to get them very clean with a standing vacuum cleaner. But, you can get the step and crevices empty with a hand held vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning.

There are also vacuum cleaners designed specifically for pets, children, or people with allergies. Carefully consider your needs and choose the right equipment for your home and lifestyle. If you’re overwhelmed by the vast number of models, styles, types, and brands, our experts can help you determine the best option for you to use between our professional carpet cleaning visits.

Keeping your vacuum cleaner clean as a whistle and well-maintained

If you have a bagless vacuum cleaner, it probably has some type of canister and filter system. Those pieces of your vacuum cleaner need to be cleaned periodically. If you ignore them, the vacuum can clog as the filter stops doing its job. Failing to empty out the canister after every vacuum, or after every room, can also cause damaging clogs. When the filters aren’t working as they should, your home isn’t really getting clean.

The biggest, most common mistake people make when vacuuming

One of the worst things ever invented is carpet powders. They really shouldn’t even be on the market. Using a carpet powder breaks down your carpet and clogs your vacuum. If you use a bagless vacuum cleaner with a filter, the carpet powders can ruin your vacuum in just one use.

If you want to remove odors from your carpets, stick to a light sprinkling of baking soda. Baking soda is natural, doesn’t break down your carpets, and vacuums up more easily. And, it’s cheaper and can be used for other things around the home.

How wear and tear affects your ability to keep carpets clean

When carpet fibers wear out, it allows dirt and debris to work deeper into the carpet. That makes it almost impossible to cleanse with a vacuum or home rug cleaner, and it can take a professional cleaner to get the carpet cleaning at that point.

it is always important to call the professionals to clean up stains (big or small), you can actually maintain your area rug at home with some simple steps.
While some wear and tear is normal and expected, there are a few things that can cause excessive wear and tear on your carpet, including:

  • High traffic areas, like hallways or from living room to kitchen or dining room.
  • Dragging heavy objects across the carpet.
  • Heavy furniture pressing into the carpet and breaking down fibers.
  • Pets can weaken carpet with urine or spraying, or by sharpening claws or playing with toys.
  • Going too long between vacuuming or between carpet cleanings will wear down your carpets faster.

You can prevent above-normal wear and tear on your carpets with these simple tips:

  1. Use coasters under your heaviest furniture.
  2. Snip snags right away.
  3. Use carpet runners or plastic carpet protectors in high traffic areas. Use area rugs in areas used primarily by children or pets.
  4. Get good door mats, and consider tile for your entryway so you and your guests can remove their shoes before entering.

It is also very important that you attend to spills and stains immediately, but also in the right way. Most people don’t really know how to effectively mop up a spill so that it doesn’t stain. Here are some tips:

  • Never rub a spill or stain. Blot or dab at it to soak up the liquid without spreading it.
  • Use a white paper towel or cloth to soak up the spill so that you don’t risk dye transfer.
  • Choose club soda over harmful over the counter carpet stain removers.

Club soda is actually one of the best kept secrets when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. For almost any spill, you can soak up all the liquid and splash some club soda over the stain while it is fresh. Blot up with a white cloth or paper towel, and you won’t even be able to tell anything was spilled.

Biannual Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

We are committed to making your carpets last longer, cleaner. We recommend having our professional carpet cleaners come to your home about every six months. If you are single, live with one or two other tidy adults, and have no pets, you may be able to get by with a deep cleaning only once per year.

Of course, there are always those last minute carpet issues that need to be addressed before gathering or inviting the company over. If you need us to come do a deep clean on your carpets, or address a stain, we are able to fit you into our schedule as needed. While there, we can provide you with tips to go longer between professional cleanings while making your carpets last longer.

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