How to prepare your home for professional carpet cleaning

When you work with a professional carpet cleaning company, your carpets will look like new after they finish! However, that doesn’t mean you should stop cleaning until they arrive – a messy home can slow down the cleaning process and make it more difficult for them to deliver the best possible results.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to make your carpet cleaning appointment go off without a hitch!

Pick up the floor

This seems like it should go without saying, but experience has shown that common sense isn’t always so common. Your floors should be completely free of toys, clothing, extension cords, and other household items. Basically, if it doesn’t have to be on the floor, it shouldn’t be on the floor!
Your carpet cleaners are here to do a very specific job – and that isn’t picking up after you! It is courteous to set them up for success.

Clean up top

When cleaning your home, it helps to start from the top and work your way down. When you schedule a carpet cleaning, it is a good idea to clean the cobwebs out of your ceiling corners and get the dust bunnies off of your ceiling fans. Don’t forget to clean the tops of your baseboards – some types of decorative molding love to hold onto a layer of dust!

If you wait to do this until after your floors have been cleaned, then dust and dirt will settle onto your freshly cleaned carpets.


Keep the driveway clear

Professional carpet cleaners use powerful steam cleaning machines which are run off of equipment located in their vans. For this reason, your cleaner will need to be able to park close to your home so that their hoses can reach.

Ensure that there is sufficient space in your driveway for them to park and provide easy access to your home.

If you live in an apartment or condominium it is helpful to save a nearby parking spot. If this will not be possible, be sure to check with your cleaning company before your appointment.

Secure your drapes

Drapes and curtains are an often overlooked element of your home that can get in the way of the carpet cleaning process. If you have drapes which touch the floor or hang within a few inches of the floor, it is best to take some time to secure them before your cleaners arrive.

Lighter weight curtains can sometimes be gently tied into a loose knot to get them off of the floor, or they can be gathered and tied with a length of non-abrasive rope.

Store breakable items

Your carpet cleaners are going to do everything they can to protect your home – but it is still a good idea to move breakables and valuables out of harm’s way. From china cabinets to heirloom pieces sitting on your mantle, temporarily relocating fragile items is easy insurance against tragedy.

Home and commercial carpet cleaning keeping your home or office clean

Move furniture

This step is usually optional – with many carpet cleaning companies offering it as an extra cost service. If you are able, moving your furniture out of the way will save you time and money. If you have pieces of furniture which are too heavy for you to move, let your cleaning company know and they will be able to help.

Vacuum high traffic areas

It may seem silly to vacuum your carpets before having them cleaned – but this step helps ensure that the cleaning process goes smoothly. Vacuuming will liberate large particles from your carpet and help the steam cleaners deliver better results.

However, just as important as the cleaning itself, by vacuuming your carpets prior to your appointment you will be able to verify that your home is organized enough for the professionals to work. If you are struggling to vacuum a room because of toys, laundry, or wires on the ground, the pros will have a hard time too!

Plan for your pets

You should make plans for keeping your pets out of the way during your carpet cleaning service. The cleaners will likely need to keep your front door open in order to run their hoses to their trucks – so it is best if you have a room where your furry friends can be safely enclosed.

Don’t forget about birds, guinea pigs, and rabbits either. The carpet cleaning process can be noisy and may startle your pets.

Note stains or problem areas

If there are any carpet stains or problem areas that you would like your cleaners to address, you should make a note of them ahead of time. This way when your cleaner arrives you can easily show them the critical areas.

Odds are that your cleaner will have found and corrected these spots on their own, but giving them a heads up makes their job easier.


Remember Your Rugs and Upholstery Stains

Your carpet cleaner’s cleaning equipment is perfectly suited for cleaning upholstery and rugs too! Before your appointment, be sure to ask your cleaners if they are able to offer deep professional carpet cleaning for your furniture as well!

A Little Preparation Ensures Great Results

Taking a little time to get your home ready will set you up for success. Your cleaners will be able to arrive and get straight to work, leaving your carpets looking like new.

Crucially, remember to pick up items from your floor, vacuum, and store fragile items somewhere safe. If you are able to move your furniture, it helps to do so, but your carpet cleaning company is typically able to perform this service for you.