Your Mattress Really Needs Cleaning

You’ve probably seen the commercials: Some mattress salesperson doing their very best to creep you out by telling you about all the icky things living in your mattress. And of course, according to them, the only solution is to run right out and get a new mattress. (From them.)

But is that really your only option? Absolutely not.

Brushes, rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies to clean a home for the holidays

What’s Living In Your Mattress? The Low Down Dirty Truth

Mattress cleaning is a touchy subject because, frankly, we don’t want to think about how gross our beds are. Let’s go ahead and put it on the table now so we can deal with it.

Yes, your mattress is home to some really yucky things that aren’t necessarily pleasant. However, as you’ll soon see, there are things you can do about it besides running out and spending a fortune on a new mattress.

Dust Mites

According to the experts at Ohio State University, the average used mattress can house as many as 10 million dust mites. These little creatures love dead skin, heat and moisture (sweat). They burrow themselves into the mattress where they multiply.

You can’t see them and they are (mostly) harmless. However, they do cause some skin irritation, among other things which we will discuss later.

Dead Skin Cells

The average body sheds approximately 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells every hour! So you can only imagine how much of that ends up in your mattress.

You probably won’t ever notice or react to this in any way, but it’s unpleasant to think about.


All it takes is a bit of excess moisture, body heat, and a dark environment to create the perfect hiding spot for mold.

Your mattress is a great environment for mold. The air pockets in the foam are ideal hiding spots for mold to take root and grow. Out of all the items on the list, mold is the most dangerous.

Without proper mattress cleaning, mold spores spread quickly throughout the house and can cause respiratory issues.

Makeup and Hair Product

Despite the best attempts at removal, leftover makeup and hair product often does make its way into your mattress. Many times you will be able to spot this issue right away, although that may not always be the case.

Is it Really That Big a Deal?

For most of us, no. With the exception of mold, only people who react to mites should really be concerned about any of this. However, they can have side-effects that will more than convince you that a good mattress cleaning is in order:


When someone is “allergic to dust”, they are reacting to airborne dust mites and their feces. Dust mites can cause an allergic reaction or bring on an asthma attack for those prone to those issues. If someone in your household has persistent allergy flare-ups, you may want to consider if their mattress is causing the problem.

Lung and Respiratory Issues

Spotting mold is easy. However, what you may not see are the mold spores it creates as it multiplies. These spores are easy to breathe in. As long-term exposure can lead to sinus infections and asthma.


Over time, the mattress may begin to take on a distinct smell. A lot of this is due to excess sweat that builds up in the mattress.

Shorten Lifespan of the Mattress

Excess skin, fungus and dust mites do wreak havoc on a mattress over the long term. Ultimately you could end up investing in a new mattress a lot sooner than you planned.

Brushes, rubber gloves, and cleaning supplies to clean a home for the holidays

What Can I Do to Prevent These Problems?

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you don’t have to give up in defeat. There are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of dealing with them.

Controlling Dust Mites

Dust mites thrive in warm and humid environments, typically in temperatures between 75 and 80 F. With that said, the first suggestion is to monitor the temperature and humidity levels in your home. Try turning your thermostat down a bit and keeping the humidity level below 50%.

You can also air the mattress out each morning, or try investing in a hypoallergenic mattress cover. These covers work wonders at providing a physical barrier between dust mites and your mattress. These simple steps should all that is needed to minimize the chances of getting dust mites.

Dealing With Skin Flakes

There is no getting around shedding skin cells. The only thing you can do to keep your mattress in its best shape is to regularly wash your bedding and get the mattress professionally cleaned regularly.

Keeping Makeup and Hair Products Off Your Mattress

Perhaps the best solution for this problem is to invest in a quality mattress cover. A cover will keep the mattress clean and looking its best.

Preventing Foul Odors

Similar to the advice above for preventing dust mites, airing out the mattress each day is key. You can either not make the bed each morning, or at least wait a few minutes to give things a chance to get a bit of fresh air.

Can I Perform Mattress Cleaning Myself?

Ideally, you should leave mattress cleaning to the pros. You can safely handle the minor items on your own, but the pros will do a much more effective and comprehensive cleaning.

For quick cleaning, mix one cup baking soda with a few drops of essential oil. Sprinkle the baking powder on the bed and allow it to sit for 15-30 minutes. When the time is up, use a vacuum hose to remove the baking soda from the mattress.

Be sure to repeat this process for the other side of the mattress.

What is Involved in a Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Calling in the pros for deep mattress cleaning is the best way to cut down on some of the problems we’ve been discussing. The pros have specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to do a thorough job. Not only that, but they’ve also got the expertise to use the proper techniques to get the best results without damaging the mattress.

Here’s what’s involved in a professional upholstery cleaning:

Assess The Mattress

The first step is to assess the condition of the mattress. The expert is looking for any defects, stains, type of fiber, and colorfastness. The assessment is necessary to help determine the best approach for cleaning.

Get ready for your carpet cleaners

Determine the Best Approach

After the inspection, the cleaner determines which equipment and cleaning solution are best for your mattress. Most companies will use a fabric-friendly solution that won’t cause any further staining on the mattress.

The Cleaning

Once they’ve selected the appropriate equipment, the cleaner often uses a specialized vacuum that uses steam and a cleaning solution to clean the mattress.

Many companies are now using eco-friendly cleaning products that won’t leave harsh chemicals and fumes that could be harmful to you and your family.

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