Whitehall Cleaners Eliminate Mold from

Your Home and Business

Mold Remediation By Whitehall Carpet Cleaners

When water damage strikes, removing moisture is only half the battle. Standing water can seep into porous materials and, over time, facilitate the growth of hazardous mold. And once mold takes hold in a home, it can become extremely difficult to remove.

When you have water or storm damage, don’t wait. Contact Whitehall Cleaning and Restoration to learn more about our 24/7 mold remediation and emergency restoration services. Our professionals are trained and certified in emergency cleaning and remediation services associated with water damage due to flooding, storms, or sewage. We are a 24-Hour Emergency service, and we are available, on-call, to help you immediately help you with any mold problems.

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Remediating Mold in the Midlands

The South Carolina Midlands are a flood zone. Residents in Irmo, Columbia, or Lexington know that flooding and heavy rains can cause a problem, and continued humidity through the spring and summer don’t make removing moisture easily. This makes businesses and homes in the area susceptible to mold growth.

If your home or commercial property has suffered recent storm, water, or sewer damage, then it is imperative that you assess your mold situation. Thousands of homes in South Carolina potentially have mold, and it takes a specific set of techniques and skills to completely remediate it.

Whitehall professionals are trained in mold cleaning and remediation. Our process includes
● Isolating potential mold contamination areas.
● Removing potential mold growth conditions (wet fabric, damaged wood)
● Sanitizing growth areas with special cleaners and chemicals
● Suppressing dust and spore spread throughout the process.

Mold Surface Cleaning Is Not Treatment

Protect the Health of Your Family and Customers

Mold can be deadly if left unchecked. Mold spores can cause breathing and asthma problems, exacerbate allergies, and cause long-term health effects long after exposure occurs. Even worse, materials left in mold-infested areas can carry the spores off site and in to new areas.

The problem is that cleaning mold is difficult. Poor cleaning can result in continued infestation, not to mention an increase in exposure.

In short, don’t mess with mold.

It is essential that you do not attempt to clean mold on your own. Experts throughout the Midlands, including Whitehall, are trained in Mold Remediation and disaster recovery, and have the tools and safety equipment to keep themselves and others safe during the remediation process.

Our technicians are available by phone 24/7. Successful cleanup soon after water damage occurs can mean the difference between mold infestation and a clean home, so we won’t wait to come and assess your potential mold situation. You can count on our IICRC certified technicians to be at your home on time, ready to work fast to provide a thorough mold remediation and keep your home or business safe.

The Whitehall Guarantee

We offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction workmanship on all our services. We fully believe in the quality of our cleaning services. We also only hire the best technicians in the business. Our experts are not just experienced in cleaning and restoration but come ready to make customers happy with excellent customer service.