Professional Pet Odor Removal Service in Columbia, SC

In all our years of service, pet stain and odor removal have been one of our most common service calls. Pet messes aren’t like other kinds of carpeting messes—they linger in the fibers of carpet, giving off unpleasant odors and making a room completely unsanitary. When it comes to pet messes, it’s important that you act immediately to remove them.

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The Importance of Cleaning Pet Messes Immediately

Pet urine is a big problem because urine is an unsanitary organic material that will stick around for the lifetime of the carpet. Once your carpet is exposed to pet urine, that urine gets into the fibers of the carpeting itself, while potentially soaking into the underlying carpet padding and floorboards.

Pet urine can destroy the carpet and give of unsanitary odor. That’s why at Whitehall we use heavy-duty jet extraction steam cleaning methods to break up urine in your carpet and remove as much as possible. Pet odor carpet cleaning isn’t just about removing a stain—it’s about removing harmful chemicals from your carpet, so they don’t smell into the future. 


When you need pet urine removal service in Columbia, trust Whitehall to get pet odor out of your house permanently. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Can I Remove Pet Stains from My Carpet?

You can’t, with 100% certainty, remove pet stains from your carpet. The closest you will get on a DIY project is if you rent a steam cleaner from your local hardware store. But, remember that those providers often don’t clean their units properly in between uses. Furthermore, while you might find a cleaning chemical that works on pet odors, these often cover up smells rather than eliminating them.

We use high-pressure jet extraction and strong but gentle chemicals to eliminate the mess from your carpet. Homeowners typically don’t have the equipment to do this, which is why we recommend professional pet stain removal over DIY. 

How Do I Get Dog Poop Stains Out of My Carpet?

These are actually much more manageable than pet urine. Just make sure that you do not let fecal matter sit on a carpet. Pick up the mess with a paper towel, including any particles that may stick to the fabric. Then call your cleaner to pull up any challenging stains or mess. If the feces was solid, this is a pretty easy clean. Liquid forms will take some additional work on our part. 

Are There Natural Pet Cleaning Remedies?

If you are looking for a way to contain odors while waiting for the carpet cleaner to arrive, then we recommend using a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar and gently blotting the location, then covering it with some baking soda. This isn’t going to remove the stain, but it can mitigate smells and keep them contained until help arrives.

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