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Hard floors are their own special job. Sure, we mop our floors, and maybe even polish them once in a while. But rich hardwood floors will need regular treatment beyond the typical cleaning. Tile and grout are their own beast and collect mold and mildew if not cleaned properly. And laminate floors in kitchens and bathrooms can suffer extensive damage (not to mention prove difficult to replace) if not cleaned and maintained properly.

Don’t worry about these things. Get a trusted hard floor cleaner that knows Columbia homes. Get Whitehall.

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning in the Midlands

Beautiful hardwood floors are a staple of a dignified southern home. But over time these floors can get dirt embedded in their grain, making them sticky and unattractive. That’s not to mention the buffs, scratches, and scars that hardwood floors often get over time.

If you are used to simply mopping your hardwood floors, you might not actually be taking care of those floors. Make the right decision and call Whitehall for your hardwood floor cleaning needs.

Make Your Tile and Grout Clean and Mildew Free

Bathroom and kitchen tiles add just as much beauty to your home as hardwood floors. But they also suffer from the same issues in terms of care. Tile and grout is going to require special cleaning and maintenance that is going to help keep mildew out of the pores, and that reach into those hard-to-clean areas between the tiles themselves.

Make sure to setup a regular tile and grout cleaning schedule for your home, so that you avoid that green or stained look that old tile gets. Whitehall can provide a deep cleaning for tile services that will keep them clean or return them to their original shine.

Professional Laminate Floor Cleaning

Laminate kitchen and bathroom flooring is a great way to give those rooms the look of tile or hardwood without investing in pricey materials. Laminate floors, however, can suffer from extensive foot traffic and lack of care that will sink a hardwood floor. Laminate floors scuff and scratch easily, poor cleaning techniques can highlight these imperfections.

Whitehall knows how to handle laminate floors so that they get clean and they stay blemish-free. We won’t make any damage worse, we won’t introduce new blemishes, and we will still get that floor clean and shining.

Common Questions About Hard Floors

How Often Should I Clean Hardwood Floors?

As a rule of thumb, the following schedule works well:

  1. Sweep or dust daily.
  2. Mop 1 or 2 times a week depending on foot traffic. Use chemicals or cleaners specifically designed for your flooring.
  3. Have professional cleaners come in and clean hardwood floors at least 1 time per year… preferably twice yearly.

Whitehall Carpet Cleaners has been providing high quality floor cleaning services to home and businesses in the communities around Columbia SC for over 30 years. Schedule your Hardwood cleaning appointment or call us for emergency water damage restoration 24 hours a day at 803-732-3200 

Is it OK to Get Hardwood Floors Wet?

Hardwood floors can stand up to light water, but they don’t do well when saturated repeatedly. When you are mopping your hardwood floors, make sure to wring your mop head out completely so that it is damp, but not wet, and it doesn’t splash water on the floor.


What Can I Do Between Professional Tile and Grout Cleanings to Keep My Tile Clean?

Avoid cleaning chemicals if you can. Instead, mix a spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar, spray it on your tile, and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Wipe away with a soft, damp cloth. Use a soft toothbrush to clean grout in tile lines.

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