What To Look for in a New Vacuum Cleaner

There are many different styles of vacuum cleaner on the market today. Each of them offers different functionality, with their own unique benefits. The problem is that there are simply too many options. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start, let alone decide which model is best.

With all the information about different vacuums spread out across the internet, we decided to put together an expert’s vacuum cleaner buying guide to get you started. Whether you need a special vacuum for allergies, flooring type, or just to clean up pesky pet hair, we’ve got you covered. Follow along to discover exactly what to look for in a new vacuum cleaner.

The Right Vacuum for Your House

Floor Type

The first and perhaps most important consideration when choosing your next vacuum is floor type. In other words: What types of floors do you have in your house? Some vacuums work better on carpet than they do on hardwood or tile, so you need to pick one that has the right functionality for your flooring. Of course, every carpet needs a good deep cleaning every now and then, too, to keep it fresh. But the right vacuum can go a very long way in between.

Number of Levels

Another factor many people don’t consider is the number of floors in your house. If you have a three-floor, four-floor, or split-level home, then you aren’t going to want a heavy vacuum. Remember that you’ll have to lug that thing up one step at a time whenever you need to vacuum the upstairs rug. For multi-level houses (that don’t have an elevator!), you’re much better off with a light-weight vacuum for easy portability.


Allergy sufferers know how awful allergy season can be each year. For those that suffer year-round, it’s even worse. Thankfully, some vacuums are very well-suited to helping pick up certain allergens that fall on the floor in your home. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, consider a vacuum with allergen-specific capabilities to really get in between those rug fibers. Another way to help with allergies? A professional rug deep cleaning. It can do wonders for your home and your health.

At Whitehall Carpet Cleaners, we have the expertise and experience to get your large area rug looking like new right away.

Size and Ease of Use

Finally, there’s the age-old question of size and functionality. For size, weren’t not just talking about how hefty the machine itself happens to be. We’re also talking about the size of its capacity. AKA, how often will you have to empty it before you can keep vacuuming and cleaning? This is at least as important as any other factor.

As far as ease of use goes, however, there’s far more leeway, and in many ways it will absolutely vary by personal preference. Many vacuums today come with bells and whistles you wouldn’t have expected a couple decades ago. At the same time, you might not personally care about any of that.

Ultimately, it’s about which vacuum is going to make your life easier and your home cleaner. If you take into consideration your home’s size, floor type, allergy needs, and the “tech” aspect of each vacuum, you’ll be well on your way to finding your perfect vacuum cleaner.

The Different Types of Vacuum

To find the right vacuum, you need to also consider the actual parts of the device itself. Not all vacuums work in exactly the same way, so it’s helpful to have a lay of the land, so to speak. Here’s the main types that you’ll find on shelves and online today.

it is always important to call the professionals to clean up stains (big or small), you can actually maintain your area rug at home with some simple steps.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums (or “cylinder vacuums”) are the ones that house the motor and the bag in a separate unit:

  • The canister is attached to the vacuum head with a flexible hose.
  • They’re usually light and come on wheels for ease of portability.
  • Great for difficult to reach spots.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums are arguably the single most popular type for homeowners due to their ease of use and strong suction power:

  • Best type for clearing up dirt and dust from the carpet.
  • Able to clean big areas of carpet easily and quickly.
  • Great for area rugs and hardwood alike.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums are the kind that do all the work for you — think Roomba® (or Rosie from The Jetsons):

  • No real work required on your part.
  • Simply empty out the canister after each trip around the room/floor.
  • Programmable and charge through power outlets.

Sweeper or Stick

Stick vacuums are super simple and work great for high foot-traffic areas in need of a daily spot check:

  • Similar design to upright vacuums, but lighter.
  • No attachments necessary.
  • Very portable.


Handheld vacuums are literally what they sound like — vacuums you can hold in one hand:

  • The perfect option for closet cleaning.
  • Easy to use on upholstery and blinds.
  • Can even use in your car.

As you can see, there are a lot of different vacuum types. The good news is that there is literally one for every type of home (or homeowner!). It’s simply a matter of finding the one that fits your needs the best.

What to Look for in Your New Vacuum Cleaner

With the considerations here, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect vacuum for you and your space. That being said, no matter which type of vacuum cleaner you decide on, there’s always going to be situations that require something more heavy duty. When that happens, we’re here to help. For small stains, big stains, and everything in between, we have trained, local professionals that are available and ready to get your floors back to normal in no time. Give us a call to get a free quote and see how a professional floor cleaning can help you and your home today.